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Bios Mods -The Best BIOS Update and Modification Source -

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    Along with the other 2 threads I posted in, loooking for an unlocked bios for the X3900.

    Wanting to overclock but can't find the PLL or software to do it.. any help is appreciated! cheers

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    This request is for my Lenovo ThinkPad E130.
    BIOS Version: 2.5.2

    FPT backup file:

    I want to replace the card with a BCM4322

    Can anyone help me solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance

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  • 06/05/13--06:17: DELL E4310 SLIC 2.1
  • Looking for a SLIC 2.1 for the new Dell BIOS for the E6410.

    BIOS download file:

    Apologies for not having any more info!

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    Slic 2.1 for Asus P8Z77-V LE

    SLIC 2.1 for ASUS P8Z77-V LE
    -Manufacturer: ASUS
    -Motherboard Model: P8Z77-V LE
    -Bios revision: BIOS 1103
    -Bios Type: AMI EFI
    -Bios Download Link:
    Thanks a lot!!! Big Grin

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    Can someone please help me unlock my bios so I can access the RAM features or tell me how I can get my new Silicon power 16gb pc3-12800 1600 RAM to run at 1600 because my computer only runs it at 1333 :/

    Hp Pavilion Dv6 6145dx
    CPU= AMD A-8 3500m 1.5 ghz turbo 2.4ghz
    RAM= 16gb pc3-12800 1600 (running at 1333 Sad )
    GPU= ATI Radeon 6620g

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    I need some General Help please... I have no clue where to post this question so its going here for now.

    Here is what I want to do. I have a Foxxcon Manufactured nVidia 650i Ultra motherboard re-branded to BFG 650i Ultra (foxxcon does not sell their own 650i based mobo). It is identical in every way to the EVGA 650i ultra (also manufactured by Foxxcon). BFG went out of business and stopped supporting the mobo at BIOS P03 and does not even have support files listed anywhere. However, EVGA kept supporting theirs and improving performance and features up to BIOS P05, two BIOS versions past BFG's. The only difference in these two mobos is a shiny sticker affixed to them.

    Since these boards are physically identical how can I pull the bios off mine and mod the new features from the EVGA bios onto the bfg bios? I read that someone tried to do something similar by flashing the evga bios and it bricked their BFG mobo. I do not want to brick it (its a home server now) however being identical I am sure there must be a simple setting inside a bios editor that would make the evga bios compatible. I do not even know how to get at my bios since there is no file download anywhere that I can find, so I assume to even attempt this I would have to Rip it from my bios chip.

    Again, two physically identical boards, so why cant I somehow use the newer evga bios on my bfg branded board, fixing a lot of issues in the process?

    Any ideas?

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    Hi my name is Ismet i have a HP PAVILION DV6T 2120TX running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit with current BIOS Insyde BIOS VER : F.1C
    sp48953 is from HP as a self setup but the BIOS number is 363CF1C
    There is a new Bios Insyde Version:F.1C A
    i have no idea how to use Hexeditors and such , i would like some help removing the whitelist so i can install an Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 wifi 62205ANHMW i downloaded a file sp48953_AHCI_VT_MoreOptions_ByCamiloml but i dont know if i did something wrong as it says current bios 363CF1C will be replaced by 363CF1C , i am happy to pay someone $20 thru paypal if they can help or modify the bios for it with the whitelist removed thank you
    The bios Download link is

    I appreciate any help even if its to get me pointed in the rite direction Thanx

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    Hi Friends

    I need of help

    I have 2 bios for motherboard Asus P5RD2 TVM S

    With the bios 0401 the onboard IEEE1394 Controller works perfectly (Is a Texas Instruments Controller) and the options (Enabled / Disabled) are visible in the bios

    the version 0402 is from another company (wolfNfox computers) and this bios have many options than my old 0401 BUT the onboard firewire don't works , however the 0402 is much more complete and I would like to have this version installed (possibly with firewire enabled)

    is possibile the transfer of the the firewire module from the 0401.bin in the 0402.bin ?

    I tried to load the modules pci from 0401 in 0402 with cbrom but did not succeed, the motherboard works, boot quietly but the firewire is unavailable

    and the voice in the bios of 1394 enable disable is unavailable

    I am attaching the 2 original bios

    I hope someone can help

    Many Thanks

    .bin  0401.BIN (Size: 512 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .bin  0402.BIN (Size: 512 KB / Downloads: 0)

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    Hi guys, can you help me, please?

    Presario CQ43-405LA
    -BIOS TYPE: Insyde EFI
    -AGESA VERSION : OntaroPIV1.0.9.0
    (this say's the AIDA64)
    This is the archive of the official page HP that i use to update the BIOS

    Please I need to unlock all the hidden options if it's possible, and sorry for the file, is an .exe not a .fd, it's just i don't know some much about BIOS flashing, thanks. [/align]

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  • 06/06/13--11:52: ASUS X55A
  • I dont find unlocked bios, i find only slic *.bat...not work, and not usuable for me
    SLic is only for windows activation?

    I know how to dowgrade bios, used by original Asus WinFlash /nodate
    I need unlocked hidden menu CPU CONFIGURATION, and THERMAL CONTROL in Advanced Menu...
    I see this items and more others in AMIBCP 4.53.0050.

    But problem:
    I save bios, and orognal winflash say: invalid bios, i use "/nodate" - invalid bios too.
    Okay I use 10 DOs versions afudos in DOS (bootble USB flash pen)...I use Amiflash enginering edition = make freeze.
    Okay I use Afuwin, Afuwin and afudos 3.04 say error 43 unable to delete flash.
    But read flash work. when i use saved bios from read when I flash it - say error 3 - bios file not match existing bios...ouuu why?
    Okay i look for very interisting item = saved bios X55AAS.415 have different file size than saved bios file same type 415.

    hm, what I do? have asus bios special CRC verify? or? i dont know why moded bios dont work, and asus winflash know It If bios is moded ad say invalid bios type.
    I wanna only overclock my celeron B830 from 1.8Ghz to 2.3Ghz, using change bckl from 100 to 133Mhz.
    But I need to change in bios, I dont want patch, because if not work- laptop dead. I use load cmos default, (turn off battery to reset cmos data)
    I have before MSi CR600 with 45nm celeron, i Overclock from 2x1.8Ghz to 2x3150Mhz, but freeze in benchmark. Optimnal frequency was 2x2.86Ghz, I change FSB from 800 to 1333. work pretty good, I overtake same 4 quad core CPUs from AMD and Intel Quad core. But Laptom increase TDP from 23W to 55W.
    On my asus I wanna only little overclock from 2x1.8 to 2x2.3 plus minus

    Thansk for any help and tips how to make right bios mod
    Sorry for my english

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  • 06/06/13--12:51: Dell Studio 1535
  • I have searched hi and low and can't find a working link to the slic 2.1 for this laptop. Can anyone assist? I have also tried to update to the latest and greatest bios from DELL just in case it contained the 2.1 and it fails every time. I'm hoping that a hacked bios may help out with this too.

    Any help is much appreciated!


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    Hi Everyone,

    I recently made the mistake of purchasing some Ram that didn't meet the specifications of my mother board. I went ahead and installed it anyways. Long story short, the ram is rated at 1.9v and the ram slots of my motherboard are rated at 1.8v. I ran a memTest and it spews out a couple errors, the computer still seems to run fine. I was hoping to unlock my bios in order to change the memory voltage.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Here is a CPUID Dump of my Computer -
    and a backup of my Bios attached to this thread.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    .rom  PhoenixTechnologies,LTD-6.00PG.rom (Size: 2 MB / Downloads: 0)

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    I'm trying to unlock this bios from a net book and i don't know how, so i'm asking for your help.

    the bios is rare to find on the internet so here is the backup.

    thanks for your help

    .rom  Phoenix-BPPNV20L.86A.0011.2012.0717.1548.rom (Size: 1 MB / Downloads: 0)

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  • 06/06/13--17:29: K8MM-V Turion ML-34 support
  • I was wanting to know if support for the Turion ML-34 can be added to the K8MM-V. The motherboard already supports some Turions, but apparently not the one that I have:

    I'm already using the modded BIOS from here, and it works fine:

    And here's an ASUS board with a possible donor BIOS:

    I'd greatly appreciate it if someone added support for my Turion version, and possibly all of them to help others out. I can donate a few bucks if the modded BIOS works out.

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    I have made some heavy hardware mods for my old notebook as I become tired from all this new s*itty laptops that are made nowdays and wanted to come back to good old hardware modified for my needs. (10,6", 12battery hours - 2 batteries, full metal, 3G WWAN integrated.....nothing new can come even close).

    I have upgraded a soldered CPU onboard and several other modifications. The most important is that the notebook had a 1.8" PATA/ZIF harddrive and I have replaced it with sata SSD. I found out that there is a stupid converter from SATA to PATA onboard so I desoldered it and stole all the SATA connection from there.

    I ended up with perfectly working notebook that unfortunately CAN NOT BOOT from my primary disk.

    The reason is that the BIOS available menu is totally unprepared for SATA and the bootable devices doesn't contain my SATA device (Drive1) even though the bios can identify the SSD well and the system see it well.

    I used Phoenix bios editor and I see all the missing entries in the Strings section ("SATA comaptibility mode"; "Drive1 HDD:") that I need for my SSD to boot.
    Phoenix bios editor also throws on me some errors like RLS error and I can't access setup table.

    As a side effect windows refuse to install on the disk as it claims that "Your hardware may not support booting from this disk".

    So I really really need those options or whole bios unlocked.

    ..............As I value time of others I'm offering reward of $60 for unlocking this bios...........

    Here are links for the bios(es):
    1) Bios version 1.11 latest
    2) Bios version 1.10 just for comparison
    3) Original BIOS backup from SPROM using Elnec programmer - It includes security zone - some serial numbers etc. It's not needed for my purpose but may be usefull.

    You can use my e..mail to contact me directly.

    Thank you,


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  • 06/06/13--20:55: [Request] XPS L501X UEFI
  • Hi,
    I want to enable just UEFI boot.
    No matter extra option or sub menu or menu.
    UEFI boot is important for me only.
    Can someone make this for me on A08 version of bios XPS L501X pleaseSad?
    Thank you

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    Here's the bios file, which comes from the Gateway site's 1.15 update. Uncompressed size 2MB.

    Using InsydeH20 bios.

    If you can, is it possible to Advanced Menu this one at least?

    Let me know what else you need.

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    i'm searching for a Bios dump file for a Dv7-7212nr from Sp60606.exe
    can someone help me?


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    I have a HP CQ60-202 notebook with T3400 cpu, PM45 chipset and Gefore 9200 GE. A few months ago, I bought a T9400 cpu. But it can not work properly. The maximum multiplier is locked at 6x. I googled and then came here asking for help.

    This is the original bios at HP website:

    This is the FD file extracted from above package with wifi card id patch by myself(current used and working).

    As requested I found a BIOS from HP website, it supports T9400, same chipset and graphics. But I don't known how to extract the microcode and insert it to my bios.

    Please help me. Thanks very much in advance.

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    Motherboard Manufacturer and Model: Lenovo IdeaPad Z565
    BIOS Type: Insyde H20
    BIOS version: 2.10 (36CN24WW)

    BIOS-Link: Lenovo Z465 Bios v2.10.rar (included

    Unlock hidden/advanced bios settings and whitelist removal...


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